Program Outcomes Workshop at Pierce College

On October 16, 2009, Arend Flick of the Riverside Community College District (Norco campus) came to Pierce College to facilitate a day-long discussion focused on identifying and assessing program level learning outcomes.  More than 100 faculty, administrators, and staff from across the LACCD came together first in constituent groups (student services, CTE faculty, administrators, Social Science faculty, and so forth) then, after a delicious lunch, as college groups to work together to identify appropriate program level learning outcomes and then to create a college program level assessment plan.

Rebecca Tillberg, chair of the LACCD Program Review Task Force, spoke to the group about the continuing work of the task force in trying to build a district-supported online program review model.  Ideally, as colleges develop Program Level Assessment Plans, these plans will be able to collaborate with the emerging online program review so the results of program level assessments can be easily used to enhance learning across the district and perhaps across the region as well.

Handouts and other workshop materials can be viewed on the Assessment page of this site.