LARN Summit #3: Data Summit

20180323_123844 There were over 30 participants at the SSI#3: Data Summit, which focused on how to access and use data in an engaging way that can support campuses work with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as College Promise. The day began with a presentation by MDRC on what successful student programs in community colleges are looking at in terms of benchmark data. Participants did a “data walk” with KPI data from a Los Angeles area college and had the opportunity to look up their KPIs and discuss their campus data with their colleagues.

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MDRC-Data Management Lessons & Practices

Michelle Ware and Kayla Reiman from MDRC discussed the data points that are collected in high impact program models such as ASAP at CUNY. They demonstrated how to use data as a student success tool that can help you identify any gaps or “holes” in your success story. They discussed how important it was to collect and look at data throughout the semester and identify key milestones (points in time) to collect data.

Data Summit Presentation MDRC

West LA College-Ageyman Boateng and Linda Alexander

“Data is just data, but what we can do with it?”

West LA College presented on their “Data Summit,” which was a project that stemmed from their BSILI work in 2016. Ageyman and Linda began creating a summit to bring student success scorecard data to their colleagues in an engaging way. They thought about how it was presented visually, the inquiry questions they posed that allowed participants to talk about success, and to think about data as tool versus a Promoting faculty dialogue and engagement with success data. It provided their colleagues time to think about their data and sparked questions about department successes.

West Los Angeles College Data Summit presentation v1 (1)

Next Steps

The group would like to see the high impact practices of De Anza and Moorpark College, these campuses were the most successful in many KPIs. The agreed that the data walk was very useful and would like to do it again in the fall.