SSI – AtD Summit #3 – “The ‘New’ Noncredit: Changes in the Noncredit to Credit Pathway”

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Los Angeles Valley College hosted “The ‘New’ Noncredit: Changes in the Noncredit to Credit Pathway” summit on Friday, March 18, 2016.  Participants from around the state listened to keynote speaker, Diane Edwards-LiPerla of Southwestern College, who provided a statewide perspective for participants and discussed recent policy changes in adult education, noncredit to credit pathways, and the important role noncredit has in student success.

College panelists Madelyn Arballo (Mt. SAC), Jan Young, (Glendale), Scott Weiland (LA Valley), and Allison Tom-Miura (West LA) discussed innovative efforts taking place in their noncredit departments and what their campuses and districts are doing to address noncredit issues.  They also shared best practices and offered feedback to attendees who were interested in creating pathways from noncredit to credit, and educating faculty, staff and administrators regarding increased opportunities for engagement and professional development.   

After participating in an activity, participants shared their plans for strengthening their campus programs.  Some of the share outs included: 

  • Advise faculty of upcoming workshops and request that they invite students to increase student participation
  • English and Math faculty to work on contextualizing basic skills english and math to credit courses and adding boot camps in the summer
  • Marketing and promotion to increase exposure on campus 
  • ESL students who are underperforming can enroll thru open enrollment non credit to get reinforcement and assistance with their classes 
  • Math – how what’s being done in the classroom translates to SLO…should be faster way to analyst that info.  Need to see outcomes immediately…on flex day 
  • CTE Dean should oversee anything CTE including credit and noncredit…so that everything is in the same house to reduce silos. Should be involved in both noncredit and credit.  President can assign a dean in academic affairs that is over everything basic skills (credit and noncredit)
  • College of Marin north of San Francisco (course outlines – use course outlines for noncredit so not to use Summer Bridge students with IPs direct them to a noncredit.  Make sure to include parents (esp Equity). Use noncredit to build math skills and have faculty recommend students to credit course
  • every campus needs one person dedicated with teaching experience, to have technology experience to assist with classes.  

Participants also expressed what they’d like to see in the future, including…

  • Specific detailed information for noncredit to credit; 
  • Deep dive into noncredit curriculum; competency based assessment knowledge; 
  • Have credit and noncredit in the same class –
  • Deep dive on design
  • Best practices in student services; thru credit – to careers (workforce dev); 
  • Sharing Event for Best Practices
  • Counseling, Assessments, SSSP
  • Common Assessment – not placement. (Equity Issue) 

Summit Agenda



Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium (LARAEC)

LA Regional Comprehensive Plan:


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