LARN- Professional Development Coordinators Spring Event

On Friday, March 11, 2016, the 3CSN Los Angeles Regional Network (LARN) and LACCD Student Success Initiative Steering Committee invited Professional Development Coordinators, organizers, and those interested in creating intentional professional learning on their campus to the District office to discuss connecting professional learning to the SSSP, Basic Skills, and Equity Initiatives, as well as other campus programs, such as FYE and Supplemental Instruction.  Members of the 2016 FTLA Cohort also attended the event.

Participants shared resources and best practices, and concerns regarding the need to increase outreach efforts to involve new faculty and adjuncts in professional learning training and campus life.  They also expressed interest in learning more about statewide initiatives, how 3CSN can facilitate ongoing learning in these areas, and the need for Professional Development Coordinators to create marketing and promotional campaigns and training workshops to assist faculty and classified staff with building community and learning the culture of their individual campuses. FTLA members provided PD Coordinators with valuable feedback and ideas.  The group was joined by Adrienne Mullen, LACCD Dean of Adult Education and 3CSN Southern California Network Coordinator, Jeanne Costello.

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