LAVC: Integrated Planning for Student Success Workshop

The Integrated Planning for Student Success Workshop was held at Los Angeles Valley College, March 4, 2016,  and was facilitated by Deborah Harrington, Jessica Cristo, Scott Weigand and Arnita Porter.  The purpose of this professional learning event was to support LAVC with addressing achievement gaps through integration efforts and implementation of programs to increase student success and promote institutional effectiveness.  Participants used the Student Success Crosswalk to consider commonalities (purpose, focus and students to be served) across three statewide student success initiatives, SSSP, Student Equity, and Basic Skills Initiative.  They identified how convergent goals related to their students and discussed activities that would best serve these students.  Lastly, participants created posters demonstrating their goals and activities, then joined in a Gallery Walk where the most important goals were selected for cross-campus collaboration in the upcoming year.


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LAVC integrated planning. march 4. 2016