Learning Assistance Sharing Event at L.A. Pierce College

L.A. Pierce College held a Sharing Event on October 16, 2015 to introduce participants to the Learning Assistance Project (LAP) for 3CSN, whose mission is to work across campuses to sustain a community of educators toward the professionalization of postsecondary tutoring and learning assistance.  Program Director Crystal Kiekel provided an overview for participants from 9 campuses and discussed how LAP principles focus on creating a community of practice with a shared vision of closing the equity gap of marginalized students.  LAP also contributes to student success by empowering tutors, coordinators and faculty with professional training and learning, networking and inquiry.  Participants discussed the importance of identifying and aligning funding resources to create a community of practice, improve campus partnerships, provide support, and mentor training, and scaling for programs on their campuses. They also discussed best practices, faculty ownership, evaluation, SLOs, as well as the need for training tutors in culturally responsive teaching and learning, leadership, and safety. Participants were given information regarding applying for the statewide Tutor Expo at City College in Spring 2016 and encouraged to attend.

Learning Assistance Project, Pierce College

Tutor Expo, March 2016 (Video)


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