FYE Program Site Visit – L.A. Southwest College

LASC FYE, Ming-huei Lam

Ming-huei Lam, FYE Program Counselor/Coordinator

Los Angeles Southwest College’s FYE Program held a site visit for participants from around the region to learn how Southwest successfully serves a large portion of incoming students.  FYE Program Counselor/Coordinator, Ming-huei Lam,  gave an overview of their program, discussed counseling interventions, and other measures that provide support for first generation students and those attending their first year of college.  She asked us to contemplate how programs can be developed, funded and implemented to provide students with the support they need in their first year.  A student panel offered testimonials of how participating in the FYE program helped them to feel valued and nurtured, helped them to navigate their educational experience, and complete their courses and educational goals of transferring to a 4-year university.  Participants discussed the components of their FYE programs, funding sources, campus collaborative efforts, challenges, successes, and the need for more professional learning opportunities for faculty and staff.  They also participated in a gallery walk and discussed the need for support services beyond the first year to help students bridge gaps and become confident learners.  L.A. Harbor College presented on its FYE program, Harbor Advantage, which provides a wide range of support services, including assessment, orientation, and counseling services to students.  Participants thoroughly enjoyed hearing students share their personal experiences and stories with the program and expressed that the student panel gave them insight regarding how vital FYE programs are to student success. 

LASC FYE Program 

LA Harbor College, Harbor Advantage


Lam with FYE Student Panel


Participants during gallery walk


LASC President, Dr. Linda Rose, joins the discussion.



LA Harbor College presentation, Harbor Advantage


3CSN_FYE Summit Fall 2015 Agenda

FYE Summit Fall 2015 Sharing Discussion

Harbor Advantage Brochure