Los Angeles Community College District Academic Senate Summit

LARN co-hosted LACCD’s Academic Senate Summit on September 26, 2015 at L.A. Valley College.  The Summit is an annual event that occurs in the fall for faculty and administrators of the District’s nine campuses. This year’s theme was “Towards a More Effective District: LACCD in the 21st Century.” Over 140 attendees gathered from all nine campuses, including the LACCD Chancellor, Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, administrators from the LACCD office, and the Educational Services Center.  Guest speaker, Dr. Kathleen Gabriel of California State University, Chico, author of “Teaching Unprepared Students,” offered strategies for increasing student engagement.  Chancellor Rodriguez led a conversation on hiring practices and the need for increasing  time for teaching demonstrations during the interview process.

Multiple workshops focused on increasing student success.  The LARN team facilitated two break sessions. Effective Interventions focused on high-impact teaching and learning practices, such as Statway, Reading Apprenticeship, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, and Growth Mindset, taught in LACCD’s Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy and disseminated through the District’s SSI, AtD, and 3CSN initiatives.  Show Me the Money demonstrated how funding sources of new state programs and local efforts are being leveraged effectively to increase student success and campus report card numbers, by bringing SSSP, Equity, AtD, CTE, BSI, and other programs under one umbrella. The Co-Directors of the Century for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement (CORA) shared insights from their newly launched Teaching Men of Color Certificate program. Los Angeles Harbor College presented an overview of their Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Program and discussed collaborative training efforts with Los Angeles Pierce College and West Los Angeles College, and sharing the costs. (Aligned to IE, SSSP, Student Equity)

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