LARN/FIER BSI End-of-Year Reporting Workshop

On August 31, 2012 the Los Angeles Regional Network (LARN) and Foothills Inland Empire Regional Network (FIER) participated together for the review of the 2011-12 ESL/ BSI Allocation End-of-Year Reporting Workshop at Los Angeles Community College District.  This event had members from these regions learn about the changes of this year’s form, which are:  understand and use the basic skills cohort tracking tool, narrative response and thinking about their college goals for the next five years.  Roza Ekimyan and Agnes Jose-Eguaras both felt that the workshop was positive and informative in helping the regions understand the importance of dissecting each section so the BSI Coordinator and or Student Success Leaders have a clear understanding of writing their reports and sending it by October 10, 2012 to the Chancellor’s Office.





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