Welcome Los Angeles Regional Network!!!

I wanted to welcome all new and former colleagues to the Los Angeles Regional Network (LARN).  I am Roza Ekimyan, the co-coordinator for LARN with Darryl Kinney  who  is spearheading on the ESL Reading Apprenticeship.  Our network consists of colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District, Ventura Community College District, Santa Monica College, Pasadena City College, and UCLA Partnership with Community College.

2012 has been overflowing with events targeting our region!

January 20, 2012

3CSN partnered with Los Angeles Community College District and hosted the LACCD Achieving the Dream Retreat.  College Teams were sharing their insights from research, identified some potential points for interventions to improve student success and understand how to access additional support for their AtD projects.  Teams then went to the Dream Institute at the end of February in Dallas, TX where they were able to see different interventions and research that other colleges across the country have been implementing.

Winter/Spring 2012

Faculty Teaching and Learning Academy (FTLA) 2012 kicked off its fourth year on January 17, 2012 at East Los Angeles College.  The FTLA 2012 is breaking new grounds with the inclusion of Reading Apprenticeship as part of the curriculum.  One of the newest members of the FTLA teaching team is Nika Hogan, a 2011 FTLA graduate.  Nike, is from Pasadena City College and is the WestEd Community College Facilitator of Reading Apprenticeship in California, as well as the team leader of the Reading Apprenticeship Community of Practice.  FTLA members are working on Faculty active research projects looking at incorporating Reading Apprenticeship practices into  their classrooms.

March 7, 2012 Webinar

3CSN sponsored and developed by the Research and Planning (RP) Group the Brown Bag Webinar Series presented Basic Skills Cohort Tracking Tool the new tool on the Chancellor’s Office website.  It gives all 112 California Community Colleges immediate, easy access to data on student progress through their English, reading, ESL and math pipelines.

March 16, 2012

3CSN Presented LINKS V: Transformational Toolbox A Time to Reframe our Practice and Student Learning at the Universal Sheraton.  College  members participated in methods for strategies for curricular and institutional redesign to meet the diverse needs of learners and to increase student completion.  Participants also had an opportunity to attend two breakout sessions and view any of the four Community of Practice that they would like to engage in the upcoming year.

  • Learning about 3CSN initiatives that will assist your college in effectively responding to internal and external student success challenges.
  • Identifying methods and  strategies for curricular and institutional redesign that meet the diverse needs of learners with a direct positive impact on student completion.
  • Networking with leaders and participants from 3CSN’s Communities of Practice in curricular and institutional redesign and contextualized teaching and learning.
  • Applying for inclusion in one or more of 3CSN’s Communities of Practice, as well as on-site training, admission to the Leadership Institute, faculty scholarship and other resources that will help your college increase student completion and success.

 March 23, 2012

ESL and English Acceleration Project across LA/OC Regions was spearheaded by Daryl Kinney at Los Angeles City College.  The day was held in having an informative panel discussions on piloted acceleration programs across the LA and OC Regions.