LARN Members currently involved in the 2012 FTLA

The current Faculy Teaching & Learning Academy (FTLA) cycle, currently being hosted by ELAC and sponsored by the California Community Colleges’ Success Network (3CSN), is breaking new grounds this year with the inclusion of Reading Apprenticeship as part of the curriculum.   One of the newest members of the FTLA teaching team is Nika Hogan, a 2011 FTLA graduate.  Nika is from Pasadena City College and is the WestEd Community College Facilitator of Reading Apprenticeship in California, as well as the team leader of the Reading Apprenticeship Community of Practice.

Participants in this year’s FTLA are working on faculty active research projects looking at incorporating Reading Apprenticeship practices into their classrooms.   A cherished favorite of the FTLA, Myron Dembo, is also taking a more active role in assisting with the research projects that the college teams are undertaking.  Participants have also been loaned iPod touches and iPads to use during this semester.

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